Leader Jerseys

Leader jerseys find their owners according to the scores gained at the premium gates through each stages. The athlete at the first rank in leader jerseys classification at the end of every stage begins the next stage with the leader jersey and aims to keep the jersey till the end of the TUR.


Turkish blue Turquoise which is derived from the pronunciation of the word Turk in French and which is the colour of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts is also the colour of the Leader jersey as the institutional colour of the TUR.




White Jersey with the premium gates through which historical and natural richness of Turkey is carried to the screens as Beauties of Turkey are being highlighted are carried to the podium on the leader of the premium gates at the end of every stage.




Red Jersey with the best climber premium gates with which the King of the Mountains is determined by the climbing performance of the riders.




Green Jersey with the sprint gates which witness the struggle among the strongest sprinters.